FZ014 – Paul Miller

My first english eipsode. So please be a little kind with my english and feel free to correct  my rookie english in the comments :-)

Some month ago I stumpled upon the article from Paul Miller who just reentered the internet-world before he left it for a whole year. This project totaly thrilled my. Especially the cause Paul decided to leave the internet to get more used to the world “before” the internet.
On TEDx Eutropolis i got the chance to interview Paul and so i did.

Paul Miller left the internet. For a whole year. I even can’t imagine to leave the internet for a whole months. Paul told me about his year without, his daily experience and the big question: would he left the internet again?

Paul Miller: Offline on The Verge
“Paul is back” on The Verge
Paul on twitter

Veröffentlicht von Tim Becker This work is licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 DE license. .

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